Bloom Spanish was born from a love and curiosity of the Spanish language and the cultures that speak it! I started studying Spanish on my own from the time I was a little girl. As an adult I moved to different Spanish speaking countries to finally become fluent. I am now settled in Argentina , fluent in Spanish and raising two bilingual kids.

After years of teaching and watching my children become fluent in two languages, I was struck by what an astounding resource being bilingual was. That is where Bloom Spanish began! I wanted to give other families the opportunity to raise their kids bilingual in a fun, natural way.

It didn’t just stop there! With an amazing team and a lot of hard work, we are now offering adults the opportunity to learn Spanish in an engaging, relevant way!

Spanish to boost career Spanish to boost career

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A second language can be learned much like we did our first! By speaking it, not searching for perfection or getting corrected constantly! Yes, it will take time! But when you enjoy what and how you are learning, before you know it you will be having conversations in Spanish!


Our mission is to enable our students to reach their language learning goals while feeling comfortable and empowered. We believe in teaching respect and appreciation for diversity, cultures and our planet.

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Learn spanish and have fun Learn spanish and have fun