Bloom Spanish carefully selects teachers who have a passion for teaching and the Spanish language. All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, have experience teaching children and hold advanced degrees in Spanish, education or a related field. We make sure all of our teachers speak English and have the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver an engaging and effective learning experience to our students.

What do we look for in our teachers?


Experience teaching children

Creative, fun personality!

Bloom Spanish
Natural Method

Our educational strategy is a fun, communicative approach through engaging, exciting content relative to student’s everyday lives that encourages learning in a natural way.

Teaching is student centered, guided by children’s innate ability to acquire a language intuitively, without extensive grammar explanations. Students discover the language in a safe, immersive environment as they would in real life.

1. FUN!


Our teachers know that kids learn best when they are having fun! Classes are creative, engaging and designed around topics that kids are interested in and want to talk about!



Teachers guide students in the Spanish language, creating real conversation. One to one classes allow teachers to work through the class at each student's pace and adapt to different learning styles.



Teachers immerse students in the Spanish language, creating natural conversation about the class topic and avoiding complicated grammar explanations. Rather teachers focus on engaging kids to speak, listen and play.

Meet Vanna:
Bloom Spanish
Head Teacher

Vanna participates in every step of the hiring process making sure that new teachers meet Bloom Spanish’s high standards of teaching professionals. She provides guidance and support, ensuring teachers have all the tools necessary to successfully put into practice our natural educational strategy, providing students with a rich and effective learning experience

Meet Our Teachers

Angelica, Colombia

She has a bachelor's degree in teaching and has been in the field for over 25 years! Her passion for teaching, calm demeanor and ability to adapt classes to different learning styles makes students feel comfortable and gets them talking in Spanish!

Vanessa, Venezuela

Specializing in working with children, she has a bachelor's degree in education and many years of experience teaching both Spanish and English. She is enthusiastic and kind, loves to teach and always makes class fun for her students!

Adriana, Venezuela

She is a licensed foreign language teacher, has ample experience in the education field and adores working with children. She is creative, has a sweet personality, and knows how to get kids speaking Spanish!

Elena, Mexico

A love of foreign languages and working with children lead her to get a bachelor's degree in elementary education. She has considerable experience giving online classes. Young and energetic, she is a great match for kids of all ages.

Virginia, Costa Rica

After being raised bilingual in Spanish and English, she pursued a bachelor's degree in Spanish and history. She is thoughtful, patient and loves helping kids learn to speak a foreign language.