Spoken language is unique to humans, therefore it only makes sense to learn a language speaking with another person, not from an app or video! While these tools can be helpful, we believe that conversing with another person is essential to language learning! We also have a dedicated support team of people ready and eager to help you in any way, you won’t have to talk to a machine ever!

At Bloom our method is student oriented, respecting the natural process of learning a new language. Classes are designed to stimulate and inspire our students to maximize learning to its full potential.

With classes that make learning fun and engaging, accompanied with the guidance of our teachers, students can submerge themselves into a world that will open new doors for them in the future.

Bloom works directly on your browser. You do not need to download or install any software.

You will need an updated version of Windows (minimum Windows 7) or Mac OSD (minimum version 10, 12).

You also need speakers and a microphone. Most students find headphones very useful in order to block out noise and concentrate better during classes, but this is not a requirement. You can use the microphone and speakers that come with your device.

Bloom Spanish is a great solution for people who want to learn Spanish for work, as a hobby or for travel and conversational purposes.

Classes focus on speaking, and avoid extensive grammar explanations. We want to get students speaking and communicating as quickly as possible.

Anyone who wants to be able to communicate in Spanish will benefit from our classes.

Our platform is specifically designed with your security in mind. This is of the utmost importance to us at Bloom. All of our classes are recorded and monitored by Bloom supervisors, you can also easily access the recording of your classes. Teachers are carefully selected with Bloom Spanish standards in mind, and a background check is carried out for each one.

You will begin speaking new words in Spanish in the first class! Our classes have an immersive, conversational approach with each class building on the last. Learning a language takes time and each student has their own learning pace. Stick with it and you will begin to see progress in no time!

We recommend two to three classes per week. In order to remember new words you need to use them frequently. If too much time passes in between classes, you might not remember what was learned in the last class. Consistency is key when learning a second language.

Classes at Bloom Spanish are 100% online and last 45 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time to get real conversation going. Before each lesson, you can practice vocabulary with our before class material. After class you will have access to activities to reinforce what was learned.

At Bloom, our teachers use a natural approach that engages students in real conversation.

Once you create your profile and purchase your pack of classes, you will have access to a calendar where you will see all the available class times. Bloom gives classes from 9am ET until 9pm ET Monday through Sunday. You can choose the time most convenient for you.

Classes can be canceled until 8pm ET the day before your scheduled class.

First you should fill out our sign up form here. You will be automatically redirected to pricing on our platform. Purchase your pack of classes and you will be taken to book your first class. You will get an email confirmation of your scheduled class time and access to before class material.

If you do not show up for a class you will be billed normally for that class. Teachers have a time tolerance of 15 minutes before they cancel the class.

Teachers rotate at Bloom Spanish, so you may find yourself with a few different teachers. Each one follows the Bloom Spanish curriculum so they are able to pick up where the last left off. Speaking with different tutors keeps learning fresh and interesting!

Our teachers are from many different countries which can be very beneficial to learning by giving you an ear for a few different accents!

We use Big Blue Button. It is a video conferencing software designed for live, digital learning. You will have access to a brief tutorial on how to use the platform and a Big Blue Button meeting link where you can familiarize yourself with the platform before your first class.

We are currently accepting beginner level students. As soon as class starts, your teacher will be assessing your knowledge of Spanish and how we can help you improve.

Don’t worry if something comes up and you have to take a break! You have 6 months to use all your classes!

You must first complete one class and then you can schedule the next.

You can choose any available class time for your next class. You do not have to take your classes at the same time every class.

We offer class challenges so that you can take a little Spanish to your everyday life!

Challenges may include watching a movie in Spanish, or with Spanish subtitles on, or making a traditional Spanish recipe. These are offered as fun ways to keep improving your Spanish and build cultural awareness. You are not required to do the class challenge, but we certainly recommend it!

See prices for classes for adults