Classes with one student and one teacher means that your class will be personalized and your speaking time maximized. You will have more attention from your tutor, which means you will learn faster.

We carefully select teachers who have a passion for teaching and the Spanish language. All of our teachers are native speakers who have experience with online education and hold advanced degrees in Spanish, education or a related field.

We also make sure all of our teachers are bilingual, so that nothing gets lost in translation! English is a bridge between both languages and we use it as a tool to deliver an effective learning experience.

One to one lessons One to one lessons
A second language can be learned musch like we did our first

Meet Vanna!
Bloom Spanish's
Head Teacher

Vanna participates in every step of the hiring process making sure that new teachers meet Bloom Spanish's high standards of teaching professionals. She provides guidance and support, ensuring teachers have all the tools necessary to successfully put into practice our natural educational strategy, providing students with a rich and effective learning experience.

Vanna head teacher


A second language can be learned musch like we did our first


What do we look for in our teachers?

- Experience with online teaching
- Professionalism
- Creative, fun personality!


Check out BBB

The video conferencing system we use is called Big Blue Button. It is a purpose built, virtual classroom that empowers teachers and students. Designed for live learning, BBB has a wide variety of features to make online classes a success.

Bloom Spanish Strategy

Our educational strategy is a fun, communicative approach through engaging, exciting content relative to student’s everyday lives that encourages learning in a natural way.

Teaching is student centered, guided by a person's innate ability to acquire a language intuitively, without extensive grammar explanations. Students discover the language in a safe, immersive environment as they would in real life.

Learn spanish and have fun Learn spanish and have fun