The Joy of Spanish with Engaging, Intuitive Learning and Real Conversations


At Bloom Spanish, our mission is to make learning Spanish an exciting and natural process. Our educational strategy departs from traditional language learning methods by focusing on a communicative approach filled with content that resonates with the everyday lives of our students. We believe that the best way to learn a language is the way we all learned our first: naturally and intuitively, without being bogged down by extensive grammar rules. Our teaching is student-centered, leveraging each person's innate language acquisition abilities.


What to expect in Bloom Spanish classes?


Our adult classes are designed to be as engaging and effective as possible, structured to maximize learning through interaction with real teachers and real-life application. Here’s a breakdown of what a typical class at Bloom Spanish looks like:


Page 1 - Introduction and Objectives 


  • Each class begins with a clear introduction to the day's goals, setting the stage for what students will learn and achieve.




Page 2 - Review and Engage  


  • We start with a review of the previous class and discuss the "class challenge"—a fun, interactive activity that may involve watching a Spanish movie or doing an activity to practice the class vocabulary. This not only reinforces previous lessons but also makes learning fun and relevant, bringing the language into students’ everyday lives.