So you have been thinking about learning Spanish? It’s a great idea! Learning Spanish can be a great hobby to take up, one that will be sure to open so many doors in your life!


The benefits of being bilingual are numerous and far-reaching, and they extend far beyond the obvious linguistic advantages. From an increased ability to communicate with others to improved cognitive development, being bilingual as an adult can open up a whole new world of possibilities. 


The most obvious benefit of being bilingual as an adult is the ability to communicate with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Whether you're traveling to a foreign country or working with people who speak Spanish in your own country, being bilingual will make it much easier for you to connect with people and understand their perspectives. Furthermore, being bilingual can make it easier to find work in certain industries, as many employers are now looking for people who are fluent in multiple languages. 


In addition to the obvious advantages of communication, speaking a second language as an adult can also bring about a range of cognitive benefits. Studies have shown that speaking a second language as an adult has been shown to have a number of cognitive benefits, including:


  • Enhanced executive function: Executive function is a set of cognitive skills that allow us to control our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Bilinguals have been shown to have better executive function skills than monolinguals, such as the ability to focus, inhibit impulses, and switch between tasks.


  • Improved working memory: Working memory is the ability to hold information in mind for a short period of time. Bilinguals have been shown to have better working memory than monolinguals, which can help them with tasks such as learning new information and problem-solving.


  • Increased cognitive flexibility: Cognitive flexibility is the ability to think about a problem in different ways. Bilinguals have been shown to have better cognitive flexibility than monolinguals, which can help them with tasks such as creativity and problem-solving.


  • Delayed cognitive decline: Bilinguals have been shown to experience cognitive decline at a slower rate than monolinguals. This is likely due to the fact that bilingualism keeps the brain active and engaged.


  • Greater creativity: Bilinguals have been shown to be more creative than monolinguals. This is likely due to the fact that bilinguals have to constantly switch between languages, which requires them to think more abstractly.

Maybe your goal is not to become completely bilingual? That 's ok! The truth is that a language is a living thing. We are always learning new words and phrases. You can keep reaching different levels of fluency! Even just a little conversational Spanish will get you a long way in many situations; on your next trip abroad, speaking with a colleague from a foreign country or to understand that music that you love. It is also a great mental exercise, even if you don't plan on becoming 100% bilingual! The most important thing is to just get started! Each word you learn is a stepping stone to being able to say a sentence or phrase, and soon you will find yourself holding conversations. 


Finally, and maybe one of the most important aspects of learning a second language is how it can provide a sense of cultural identity. Bilingual adults often have a greater understanding and appreciation of their own culture and heritage, as well as those of other cultures. This can be incredibly empowering and may even lead to a greater sense of self-confidence as well as empathy and understanding. 


The advantages of being bilingual as an adult are numerous and far-reaching. From improved communication skills to accessing a wider range of media and literature, the benefits of being bilingual are clear. With the right motivation and effort, anyone can experience the benefits of speaking in a second language and reap the rewards of increased knowledge, understanding and awareness.

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About the author

Julia Steffen

Hi! I’m Julia. I am fascinated and passionate about anything that has to do with languages, especially Spanish! I have loved the process of learning Spanish and all the experiences that it has brought to my life, especially raising bilingual children! My desire in this blog is to share my experience and knowledge about learning Spanish as a second language with you. I hope to inspire people to plant the seeds of bilingualism, and over time see those seeds grow!